Skimmer Challenge


Program Overview
The Skimmer Challenge has been designed to supplement the curriculum of an elementary (4-6) science or math teacher. Like all AWIM challenges, the Skimmer Challenge will join together teachers, students, and industry volunteers in an exploration of physical science while addressing essential mathematic and scientific concepts and skills.

In the Skimmer Challenge, students are introduced to a model Skimmer presented by the fictitious toy company EarthToy Designs, whose specialty is making toys out of recycled or recyclable materials. The design of the toy is incomplete and suggestions for variations on this toy are requested from student design teams. These teams provide many of the services required for the toy product to move to the next stage of development. They will test the model with different sails to understand how sail characteristics affect the way it moves, create other designs and test them, and then give a formal presentation of their final skimmer designs.
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Kit Components

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