Student Automotive Design Challenge

As part of its commitment to Honeywell Hometown Solutions, TS has partnered with SAE International to implement the Honeywell/SAE Student Automotive Design Challenge (SADC), which is based on SAE's A World in Motion (AWIM) program "Motorized Toy Car" curriculum.

Using a multi-disciplinary curriculum that integrates science, math, technology, social studies, and language arts, the SADC program provides students with an assignment from a mock corporation to research, design, test, and build electric gear driven toy cars. Working in design teams of four, students will be involved in writing proposals, drawing sketches, and working with models to develop a plan to meet a specific set of design requirements based on their market research. Each design team will build its own vehicle.

The project will be launched at the participating schools simultaneously. By doing the program simultaneously, students will be able to share their work with their international peers via an online forum. The forum that will allow teachers, students and volunteers to post pictures of their classes, e-mail each other, and share information about their work. In addition, there will be an "Ask an Engineer" and "Ask a Marketing Professional" feature that will allow students and teachers to ask technical questions that Honeywell Engineers and Marketing/Sales professionals can answer.

During the last week of the program, each class will be responsible for selecting the winning vehicle for the class based on a set of criteria, guided by who did the best job of meeting their customer's requirements. The winning car from each class will be entered into a global contest with the other schools. The top three winning vehicles will be selected by Honeywell employees through an online survey.

For more information on the program, please visit the official program website.