GM Active in AWIM Program

General Motors has been involved with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) A World in Motion (AWIM) program since the program's inception in 1990. General Motors continues to expand its AWIM program nationwide. Programs now exist in twenty-seven GM communities throughout North America. This support comes from GM headquarters in South East Michigan as well as manufacturing facilities and retiree clubs located nationwide.

The AWIM program was developed by SAE to specifically target elementary and middle school students to pique their interest in math and science right at the time they normally turn away from these areas. AWIM programs are fun. Children enjoy the hands-on activities; and teachers value the program's interdisciplinary curriculum supplements in which math, science, engineering, language arts and social studies are all integrated into one unit plan. Depending on whether they are elementary or middle school students; children construct jet toys, skimmers, gliders, motorized vehicles or even fuel cell vehicles. Besides learning about technical concepts, the students explore customer needs, engage in testing and experimentation, and develop communication skills.

In the 2008/2009 school year, AWIM impacted over 15,500 students, with over 9,000 from SE Michigan (39 schools in the Detroit Public School System and another 99 schools in other SE Michigan districts for a total of 138 schools in SE Michigan).